We pickup at many
downtown Seattle hotels. All pickups occur PRIOR to the actual time of the tour. Your pickup time will be assigned at the time of your reservation

Downtown hotels at which we pick up are within the following zip codes: 98101, 98104, 98109, and 98121. Please check your hotel address to determine if you are within this location.

You do not need to be staying at a downtown hotel in order to take our tour
Should your hotel be outside the downtown area, or in downtown but not at a hotel we pick up at, we will be happy to give you directions to meet us at nearby Seattle hotel.

Our pickups are in downtown Seattle, approximately 15 miles north of the Airport Area. However, you can take the short Central Link Rail
ride from the airport to Westlake Station in downtown Seattle and we can meet you near there.

The cost of the train is $2.75, the length of the ride is about a half hour, and it departs every 8 minutes from the airport area. Check with your hotel front desk to get to the train.

Click here to view the Central Link Rail schedule